ADG Awards 2017

I was incredibly honoured to be nominated once again by the Australian Directors' Guild for an award (this time for Best Music Video). It was a fun night hanging out with my fellow directors and getting to see some of the incredible work they make. Directing can be such a solitary endeavour, so it's nice to get some face time with other directors. I was also really excited just to be in the same room as one of my all-time hero directors: Peter Weir ('The Year of Living Dangerously' and 'Witness' are two of my faves). Unfortunately I didn't win but........ my mentor Kevin Carlin won for directing the Channel 7 mini-series 'Molly'! (I did an attachment with him on Wentworth). Here are the only photos I took on the night (they're not that great I'm afraid!):

5th May 2017. Sofitel, Melbourne.

5th May 2017. Sofitel, Melbourne.

2015 / 2016 Update

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. It's been a busy year, so I thought I'd share some highlights.

2015 - Commercial shoots

2015 finished with a bang with a slew of commercial shoots back-to-back. I got to play with some new toys including Kowa anamorphics and Zeiss Super Speeds.

Australian Labor Party

As the year drew to an end I begun to do some work for the Australian Labor Party in the lead-up to the Federal election. I ended up filming / directing Bill Shorten in a number of videos.


I was honoured to be awarded a director's attachment by Film Victoria on the Fremantle Media / Foxtel TV show 'Wentworth'. The show has been a huge hit both domestically and overseas (where it screens on Netflix). I followed set-up director Kevin Carlin on the last block of season 4 (Episodes 11 & 12). It was an amazing experience and I got to learn a lot from Kevin.

2016 - Short Film - Next of Kin

2016 kicked off with a bang. What started off as a lens test (testing the Leica Summicrons) evolved into a short film which we prepped in 3 days and shot in a 8 hour day (er... night). It was a lot of fun to be back directing drama.

Australian Director's Guild Awards

I was honoured to be nominated for an ADG award for the 'Preventing Youth Suicide' campaign I directed for beyondblue. I didn't win, but it was a thrill to be nominated and a fun night hanging out with my colleagues.

Federal Election Campaign

As the Federal Election campaign kicked off, I spent about 6 weeks working for the Australian Labor Party on their TVCs and online videos. It was a pretty unique experience and definitely satisfied my insatiable obsession with politics.

Music Video - Gordi

Having only directed one music video (for an independent artist) as well as having directed a small amount of second unit for a well-known artist's clip, I had been keen to do another music video for quite some time. I can't say the medium is totally to my liking but it was a fun production nonetheless! We smashed enough mirrors to about 100 years worth of bad-luck.

Commercial shoots

The rest of 2016 has been a busy time shooting commercials (clients include! Here's some set pics:

As well as a VR test...

Making 'A New Day'

An evocative 3 minute film about the patient journey that celebrates the care and empathy patients and their families experience at Epworth Hospital. The shoot was an epic undertaking... we were given an all access pass to Epworth Hospitals in order to depict the many aspects of a hospital... the births, deaths, challenges and successes. Shot by the talented Shyam Ediriweera and music by Dmitri Golovko. Shyam and I shot multicam with two Arri Amiras (supplied by Offshoot) on the vintage Cooke Speed Panchros (supplied by Cameraquip) across the 4-5 day shoot. A pick-up shot was done on the Canon C500. The film is a mixture of acting talent and real talent (all the hospital staff). Below are some of my favourite frames from the film and scroll down further for behind-the-scenes photos.

Behind the Scenes

beyondblue - Youth Suicide

Most suicidal young people don’t want to die, they are usually experiencing extreme distress and/or unbearable pain and can’t think of another way to cope. With support they can find better ways to manage their distress and get through the crisis.

I'm really proud to have been a part of this important campaign for beyondblue. The goal of the film is to assist parents in managing and dealing with teenagers who may be suicidal. For more information, check out beyondblue's website.

It was a pleasure working with the talented young actors to craft their performances. The awesome Shyam Ediriweera lent his eye to this spot and it has been shot beautifully. Some of my favourite frames as well as behind the scenes photos:

Behind the Scenes

NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield

I had the privilege of spending some time directing NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield today. You probably know him from his rendition of Space Oddity which he sang on the International Space Station:

Here's a couple of photos from the set (RMIT's fantastically futuristic, 'Design Hub'):