Making ‘A New Day’

An evocative 3 minute film about the patient journey that celebrates the care and empathy patients and their families experience at Epworth Hospital. The shoot was an epic undertaking… we were given an all access pass to Epworth Hospitals in order to depict the many aspects of a hospital… the births, deaths, challenges and successes. Shot by the talented Shyam Ediriweera and music by Dmitri Golovko. Shyam and I shot multicam with two Arri Amiras (supplied by Offshoot) on the vintage Cooke Speed Panchros (supplied by Cameraquip) across the 4-5 day shoot. A pick-up shot was done on the Canon C500. The film is a mixture of acting talent and real talent (all the hospital staff). Below are some of my favourite frames from the film and scroll down further for behind-the-scenes photos.

Behind the Scenes