OzGirl was a trailblazing web series that ran for 24 episodes (5 - 7 minutes each) between February to June, 2009. The final episode was broadcast live. The series won multiple awards around the world including a Streamy Award.

OzGirl is a 24-episode, scripted dramedy that tells the story of Sadie Brown, a small-town, country girl who moves to Melbourne, where she lives with her cousin Megan. The show explores Sadie’s efforts to make friends, get a job, pursue her passion for photography, meet “Mr. Right”, fall in love, and find her long-lost mother.

OzGirl was broadcast on Fairfax Digital, Virgin Australia, KoldCast TV, Apple iTunes, Microsoft Zune and TiVo.” The series has been described as “Australia’s first social web show in which the characters exist within the audience’s existing social networks and interact with them as they would if they were real people.

Writer / Director / Producer / Editor / DOP – Nicholas Carlton

Episode 11

A turning point for the show.

Episode 24

The dramatic series finale.


2010 – 2nd Streamy Awards, LA – Winner – Best Foreign Series
2010 – 2nd Streamy Awards, LA – Nominated – Best Drama
2010 – 14th Webby Awards – Official Honoree
2009 – International Television Festival, LA – Winner – Best Web Series
2009 – International Television Festival, LA – Winner – Best Acting
2009 – New York Television Festival – Special Screening

Behind the Scenes

It's hard to remember a time before streaming television was all the rage. But back in 2009, web series was in its infancy. OzGirl was considered a groundbreaking series.

Not only for its innovative mode of distribution but because it was a genuinely interactive show. The audience could interact and communicate with the characters through a custom social network. These interactions would influence the story.

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